Domain Appraisal: How to Predict the Exact Value of Any Domain Name

Domains as like work of art. No one can actually use the computer model, no matter how advanced can be for the domain estimates. We need human contact to fully understand the value of a domain name.

Domain Appraisal

Unfortunately, most “professional” domain appraisal services simply glorified bots in a large number of automated domain type value. To get the real market value of the domain name you need someone familiar with the domains to put a price on the name.

The best people to do this, of course, the owners and sellers of domains traders. People who have bought and sold hundreds of domains and follow the industry on a regular basis have a clear idea on how the name can cost. Looking at the name’s features, the domain experienced trader can predict the price in a fair and competitive market. Instead of looking at quantifiable levels (the number of letters of a number of letters, extension, etc.) they see the name of “marketability”, to understand the value of a domain.

The best place to get the assessment done by the other traders is a domain forums, and These communities are full of domainers who are always ready to help others and give you a free consultation that may cost your domain. Just make sure to follow the regulations of the forum and do not spam with hundreds of requests for evaluation.

If you are really interested to get an automated assessment done a good place to start at Estibot. This service is free of charge estimation and provides some of the most accurate predictions. Estibot is a great tool if you want to get the hundreds of domain estimates and can not be bothered to accommodate all and forums.

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