All You Need to Know About SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a key aspect of any online business, which receives confidential information about a client, or even passwords. An SSL certificate provides clients and customers that their information is transferred securely between your computer and the website.

What SSL Certificate do?

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The SSL-certificate encrypts all information sent between the browser and the web user to your website. This means that one cannot intercept or steal this important information, which can be anything from customer information to credit card details. In addition to encryption, some SSL certificates will display information about the company directly into the user’s browser, so that customers assures that they are visiting to a legitimate site address and business.

How Does SSL Certificate Work?


In simple terms, think about the SSL certificate as a registered sealed envelope that bears information. This type of transport is considered “HTTPS”. In contrast, without the SSL certificate (HTTP), is like a postcard. Anyone can probably read this information, if they really want to, and spend the time to find where it is directed.

When choosing an SSL for your online business is worth taking some time to consider and explore what type of SSL certificate is required for you, and what you can afford.

Types of SSL Certificates

Types of SSL Certificates

There are many different types of certificates, and they vary in price. The main types of SSL are dedicated, shared, wildcard and free.

Dedicated SSL is one of the most expensive to buy.

You can also connect your site by someone else SSL certificate. However, this does not mean that if the site visitor wants to check the authenticity of your SSL site on your site and the name of the certificate does not match. Who ever owns and acquired the certificate will have their details displayed. Most modern browsers it usually leads to a browser to display the error page warning the person not to continue.

SSL Certificate for Sub-Domains

If your website is what is called subdomains, for example: or and want to protect them from the SSL certificate, you need SSL mask to ensure that all its sub-domains are all safe. SSL mask will allow you to protect an unlimited number of subdomains with a single SSL.

If you need to provide multiple sub-domains and sub-domains now what you need it may be cheaper, so that it is added to the normal, the SSL certificate.

Read more information about SSL certificate on WebTrust-certified certificate authority GlobalSign and Verisign.

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