Importance of Dedicated IP Address for Your Online Business

When you create a website for your business, you can have your own IP-address or share yours with one or more other sites. Dedicated IP address may cost a little more, but will provide you with some great benefits, some of which are listed below.

Dedicated IP Address Accelerates The Site

Dedicated IP Address

Your website can actually share the same IP, like thousands of other owners, depending on your hosting plan. This often happens with the sites on which host multiple blogs. When your site is in shared with several other IP, it can slow down the speed significantly. Hundreds or even thousands of people visit the same IP-address can simultaneously create a page to load is difficult and can even shut down your website temporarily and unavailable for all users who are visiting your site. You may lose sales as a result, so its better to get a dedicated IP address which you wholly own the IP only for your dedicated server. You can also get an dedicated IP address if you are on a shared hosting, VPS or dedicated server.

Dedicated IP Address Helps Increasing Your Search Engine Rankings

Websites with a dedicated IP address, is usually do better in the search engine ranking than those of shared hosting sites. Despite the fact that no one knows exactly how or why it happened, extensive research in this area is carried out SEO experts across the country. Some have suggested that the algorithms of major search engines such as Bing and Google believe how fast the site loads in determining its value, and is considered a valuable part is that the site is pushing up or down in the rankings. Others claim that simply connects to undesirable sites can negatively affect the ranking of a legitimate site, especially if these other sites are adult in nature.

Dedicated IP Address Provides Good Security

IP Address

Dedicated IP address is recommended for those who are planning to sell products on their website. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is needed to get your site to securely process payments and is available only with a certain IP-address. No-SSL technology can not be forced to use third-party payment processor that can not only cut into their profits, but it can be a hassle to deal with the best. Your web site is also less likely to be hacked or attacked by spam bots as well.

Dedicated IP address Reduces the Risk of Ban

The problem with the IP exchange is that you can not always have control over other sites that use it. This can be a problem if one of them were executed criminal activity or were “spam” site because search engines can see them illegitimate and essentially ban from their index. If this happens, the entire IP-address and any site associated with that IP address is likely to be banned as well. In a special message, you are looking at your own merits, and are therefore less likely to be banned.

How Much Dedicated IP Address Cost?

Dedicated IP Address cost is very less and its typically starts from $1 to $7 per IP /month based on different hosting companies. Most good web hosting companies provides dedicated IP Address in $1-$3 /mo per IP. Ask your current host and they will tell you how much a dedicated IP address cost per month.

These days, sharing the IP-address is a kind of “party line” for your phone to be used. This slows down access, reduces your privacy, and you can turn off potential customers. Think about dedicated IP address and even dedicated server hosting to place your business in the best light.

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