Why WordPress is Still the Best Blogging Platform

When publishing things on the Internet, whether it is commercial site or public service, or even if it is a blog there will be a challenges to be sorted out. The idea is to create a blog, website and even a e-commerce site you should use a WordPress platform which requires no programming language coding and can be installed in minutes.


Easy to use

WordPress is very easy to use, WordPress let you focus on writing rather than managing your site with programming languages, etc. Because with WordPress you don’t need to learn and PHP, CSS, JS, HTML programming languages. You can install WordPress in minutes via your web hosting cPanel account. You can also use Softaculous available in your cPanel account, this tool is best for newbies. If Softaculous is not available in your cPanel account ask your host to install this useful tool. Softaculous also offer different useful and popular 402 apps which you can install on you server.

Free Themes and Plugins

WordPress can be installed directly on a web server or web hosting account which gives you a full control over the blog. WordPress offers free plug-ins and free premium themes which you can install on your site and take advantages of it without any cost.


WordPress also offer community support. If you come up with any issue on WordPress you can easily ask your questions on WordPress community support page.


WordPress can easily help your site rank better on Google search ranking if you use the top SEO plugins such as All in One SEO or Yoast WordPress plugin. With these plugins you can create a high quality posts. These plugins as helps you to write meta SEO title, meta description and meta keywords which is very important to rank on Google.


One of the most popular features for WordPress is the ability to customize all published with opportunities for the users, which will allow them to receive updates, posts, categories, comments and more. WordPress allows your content to categorized in a neat and clean way which offers you tags and categories in a post. You can find and read all the other features of WordPress from here and here.

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