All You Need to Know About Colocation Data Centre

Colocation hosting is one of the new services available to help businesses keep up and develop with a increasing pace.

What is Colocation Hosting

colocation data center

Colocation (colo) is a tool for data centers where businesses can lease space for servers and other computer equipment. As a rule, the Colo provide cooling, buildings, power, bandwidth and physical security, while the customer provide server and storage systems.

Colocation provider will lease the space in data centers in where customers can install their own equipment, but will also provide power, bandwidth, IP-address, as well as the cooling system, the customer will require to successfully deployment of their server. Space is rented out in terms on a “shelf” and “cabinets”.

Colocation allows customers to benefit from the economies of scale that would not be available to them with the option at house. Housing hardware at colocation center provides access to a higher levels of bandwidth than can be achieved in a normal office server room, but at a much lower price. Thus, the network latency may be much lower with collocation while reliability may be significantly higher. There is a higher level of protection against power outages, with multiple backup locations and the best colocation providers will have staff on hand 24/7 to deal with any problems if they arise.

How to Choose the Best Colocation Hosting


You need to manage your work and stay within the price range of colocation hosting. Each company will have several plans, so you need to clearly understand the needs of your site and your participation, so that you can choose a plan that best suits you.

Features to Look for in a Colocation Hosting

Some things to consider are: the security of storage data, motherboard, RAM, Internet connection. If you do not have in-house expertise to administer all you need is a colocation. You also need to be physically close to your hosting company if you want to manage it yourself. You and your support team will spend a good percentage of the time, some of them in the middle of the night to monitor your server, which can get into the business. There is a good argument for managed colocation hosting.

Why You Need to Choose Managed Colocation Hosting?


With managed colocation hosting you no longer have to devote much of your time in the network infrastructure and hardware, data centers and telephone calls in the middle of the night. You can keep under control the operating system and device but you give the risk, responsibility, inconvenience and headache to someone else, including security. Security for your infrastructure is also one of the main priorities. Make sure the colocation hosting company has a high level of 24/7 security and monitoring facility. You will not regret being free to devote all your time to the what you like the most of your online business.


In general, colocation hosting is an excellent choice for small, medium and even large enterprises that does not have the space, reliable power and efficient cooling equipment which needed to keep your servers up and running in place. In addition, the business has access to a much greater volumes of bandwidth than they could ever afford at their own.

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