Dedicated Server Hosting vs Shared Hosting

Dedicated hosting and shared hosting server, perhaps the two most used hosting services ever to start an online business. Dedicated web hosting comes with many advantages, and the largest complete freedom to use any resources on a single server, designed for the entire site. Unlike shared hosting, it is hosting on one server is assigned to a specific site, the site developer uses to upload his/her website files with complete control and freedom.

Who Needs Dedicated Server Hosting?

Those companies and websites that have thousands of gigabytes of data with pictures, photos, video, and multimedia content with hundreds of pages require a faster loading time and the best uptime guarantees on the server. A dedicated server is a single server with the client’s requirements of course, put the entire website usage.

For other sites that have huge amounts of data that need a good and reliable hosting, but can not afford to buy dedicated servers use shared servers for their sites.

The following are the main differences between these two services:

Dedicated Server hosting vs Shared Hosting

1. A dedicated server can host a single site which devoting all resources to faster server for the entire site, while shared hosting there are many websites running on the same server.

2. The webmaster will be provided with a Dedicated IP, which is different from any IP to the world, while in the case of shared hosting webmaster have to use the shared IP, together with various other web sites running on the same server. There is a high risk of separation IP-address is different from other sites. Many websites got blacklisted by search engines. Other sites that are running on the same server may be affected by such policies of search engines, where legitimate websites can be blocked. So its better to use dedicated IP address in your server even when you are on shared server.

3. Dedicated web hosting comes with a variety of benefits, but not without a high price. A dedicated server is more than 15 times the cost of shared hosting. If shared hosting costs $5 a month, good quality, dedicated hosting starts at $100 per month. The main reason for such a large difference in price is to use the resources of the company will charge higher prices than website owners with the help of dedicated servers, only one server will be up and running throughout the site.

4. Computer, routers and firewalls in shared hosting is only controlled by the host company while in dedicated web hosting one gets dedicated customer support services, with full control over the server. Dedicated Hosting comes with a variety of packages, such as disk space, the server memory (RAM), the server speed (CPU) and the type of software and tools that will be installed. In other words, it is completely customized solution for website owners.

In shared hosting, web sites are equipped with ready-made tools, software and hardware, without any additional advantages of customization. You can get an dedicated server like window, Linux, and Unix etc.

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