All You Need to Know About Domain Name System (DNS)

When you connect to the Internet or a private network, this is done only via the Domain Name System (DNS). If you logged in to a WiFi connection from any device you are connecting to a private network, even if it is not connected to the Internet, it still uses the DNS to connect. DNS translates names into Internet Protocol addresses, which we call IP-address. Host names are computer names and host are things such as printers, routers, servers, or even a PC. Host names are the computer name and the address of the Internet Protocol. Host has multiple host name and IP-address. IP-address identifies the host to which it is assigned, for example, your smartphone.

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What is The Role of DNS in Domain Name?

DNS is the most amazing part of transmitting data from one domain name to the IP-address and to provide worldwide service directory, for example, by assigning an Internet Protocol address of the domain name. For example, when a user visits a web site by entering the domain name that is the same as the web address instead of having to type in the IP-address to view the location.

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DNS also allows you to have more than one site on the same the IP-address, and provides Internet service providers the ability to have more than one of their clients receive the same IP-address. DNS servers store the Name Server Record on a server registrar where the domain name was registered and it is called NS record. NS record to associate the domain name with the web server typically called (web hosting), where the files are stored on the site server.

Why DNS is Important to the Global Network?

Domain Name System

Internet users connect to these web servers when visiting the domain name. A domain name is associated with the Web server, the server’s domain name and DNS is used to bind the Internet protocol address of the web server and the domain name. All these elements are the most common elements of the World Wide Web and private networks. DNS can be a bit difficult to understand, but when you know why it was created and what it does, it can give a better understanding of why it is so important to the global network.

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