How to Check Your Server Load and Resource Usage in WHM

If you want to know that your server is working in good condition or not, you may simply find out via WHM server load.

What is Server Load?

High Server Load WHM

If your website is loading very slow, than it might be the issue of high server load which means your site is receiving so many visitors but you don’t have much ram, all you need to is to increase the ram on your server or changing the server CPU configuration to make the load better.

The load is expressed as the number of processes in line to access the computer’s processor. Of course, it is calculated for a certain period of time and the smaller the number, the better.

How to Check Your Server Load in WHM

1. Login to your WHM account

2. Type Service Status in search bar available in the left side in your WHM account.

WHM Server Load

3. Here you can see the Service Information of your server, simply scroll down and find the System Item which includes Server Load, Memory Used, Swap Used, etc. If you see a green check mark then your server is in excellent condition, but if you see the red sign than your server if facing a high load.


How to Troubleshoot High Server Load in WHM

  1. Contact your hosting provider to solve this issue but for a limited time.
  2. Try to change your server hard disk drive from HDD to SSD as SSD drives are 10x faster then normal disk drives. By switching to SSD your site also load fast.
  3. Increase the RAM in your server, if you have 1GB Ram on your server try to increase it to at-least 5GB to fix this issue permanently. If you have 8GB ram installed on your server, its time to upgrade the ram to 16GB. If you have 16GB ram installed on your server you can upgrade to 32GB ram.
  4. Change server bandwidth port from 100MB to 1GB PORT to see sudden impact on the server speed.
  5. Changing the configuration of your server, check your hosting if they provide you a higher configuration of your server than the current one.

So given above are the prove tips and tricks to solve the high load server issue on your website or a WordPress blog.

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