All You Need to Know About Web Hosting and Domain Names

Websites require a large amount of computer files from text files, HTML files with JPG images, and often much more. If you plan to create a website where you put all of these files to the Internet, so that users can access them any-time and anywhere? All you need to is a web hosting where you can store, access and mange your website online.



You can create your own DNS or domain name of the server and post your own files and create unlimited business e-mail accounts on the Internet from your web host server. Doing this requires a number of technical skills, time and money to use these services.

What is the difference between domain registration and web hosting?

Domain Name

Domain Name

Domain name registrar is a company or website where you can register the name or URL of your website on your domain name. Without domain name you cannot access your website on the Internet, you also need a web hosting account to access your domain name on the Internet. Keep in mind when you purchase a domain name keep it short, memorable and brand able so that everyone can remember your website URL and can access by simple typing the URL of your website address.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

As we talked above Web hosting is a service offered by web hosting provider company which allows you to host your website files, images, audio, etc. and create e-mail accounts, so that the public can have access to them.

There are many web hosting companies offer web hosting, before choosing one you should first read the web hosting company reviews and pricing. If you want to create a small website try with basic plan which normally cost you around $4 to $10 monthly. This plan is only available in shared hosting where your website is stored in same IP address with lots of other websites stored on the same server. However, you can also choose the other web hosting plans including VPS and Dedicated server. But VPS and dedicated server are costly than shared hosting. You should only switch to this when you receive a high amount of traffic on your website which requires more memory, disk space and bandwidth.

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