What Featured to Look When Choosing a Free Web Hosting

Looking for a free web hosting solution is a mandatory decision. Try to identify a reliable web host can be a daunting task, especially with so many service opportunities that exist today. Let’s look at some of the most common characteristics of a good free web hosting provider should offer:

Free Web Hosting

Disk Space and Bandwidth

Disk space refers to the amount of disk space assigned to your free web hosting account. This space is used to store web site files, including text, images, audio, etc.

Bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic that is allowed to access your website and download images, video, audio, etc. If you store higher files such as videos or images you need more bandwidth space and disk space.

Free Website Creator Tool

If this is your first website, and you have little or no experience in writing scripts, and then look for a hosting provider, a free web application provides you free website templates and website creator tool where you can design your website without knowing any programming languages.


FTP stands for File Transfer, Protocol. It is a protocol for transmitting Web site files from your computer to free web hosting server, or vice versa. It allows you to upload files in your public/html directory (including images and other multimedia files) from your computer to the hosting server. A good free web hosting provider should offer 24/7 unlimited access to FTP.


Your free web-hosting service provider should provide you with free e-mail services – so you can set yourname@yourdomain.com email accounts.


If you are looking for a free web hosting provider, you can expect to pay nothing for all the basic features listed above. You shouldn’t have to compromise with advertising banners prices.

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