What are the Types of Web Hosting Plans

Web hosting refers to the service that allows dedicated web servers to host one’s website and provide easy access to it users from across the globe. One can host their own web site from a desktop their own house, but it’s better to select a web hosting provider that allows the facility to store the web site on fast servers on the world wide web with fast accessibility.

web hostingThere are a number of web hosting plans available from which one can choose from:

  • Shared hosting – The most preliminary and simple kind of web hosting plan. It is recommended for new websites with low traffic. It is the most economical way to start a website. The site is placed on a common server with other websites and all users share all the resources.
  • Free hosting – This hosting plan is best suited for small, non-technical websites which has limited traffic of audience hits. They are fairly basic in use and have very limited technical options available for the users.
    In most cases, they do not even allow users the option of using their own domain name.
  • VPS hosting – Known as virtual private hosting, it is recommended and used more by more advanced users. It is used mostly by users who want to use specific packages or software which may or may not be provided by shared hosting facilities. Under this hosting plan, one’s site is placed other websites on a server. Some resources are shard while in the cases of some users get to freely use some. But usually there’s less websites per server.

    One specialty of this kind of hosting plan is that they stand to provide root
    or admin access to its own operating system installation in a virtualized environment.

  • Dedicated servers – A dedicated server is the one most suited for advanced functions. It is also the costliest kind of webhosting plan. In case of a dedicated server, you and your website has full access to the complete server as it is not with any other users. This kind of hosting plans even includes admin access or full root like the virtual private hosting plan does.

    This kind of plan is seen as the next and final step after VPS, when the website starts getting lots of visitors and traffic or the website is so niche hat it requires custom requirements which are not offered to individual users in a shared hosting environment.

  • Reseller hosting – This service is dedicated for webmasters who want to repackage and resell their own web hosting service. It is a good way out for people with multiple websites on the world wide web because it makes management of many websites under one control panel a much easier task.
  • Collocated hosting – It is a type of hosting plan in which users are allowed to place their web servers on the locations provided to them by a service provider. This kind of hosting plan would typically have like high-security resources against fire and vandalism, backup power. Internet connections etcetera.

All of these plans have their unique pros and cons and only after carefully seeing if they suit your demands, should one be selected.

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