Tips for Choosing the Best Cloud Hosting Service

Cloud hosting is a new-age phenomena and technological development. No wonder, many people have so far been unable to wrap their heads around the entire process. Some small tips that can be kept in mind while choosing a cloud hosting service are:

cloud hosting

  • Proven infrastructure: One should be aware and confident about the kind of innovative technology and hardware that the cloud hosting service provider offers. It must be a proven one because the user would be entrusting the cloud provider by sharing and uploading critical corporate data.
  • Established customer base: One should spend some time looking at the current customer base of the cloud provider. Small customer base would indicate a start-up-friendly infrastructure.
    High customer base turnover rate would signal that is something is not quite right with the cloud portal, causing people to leave. Read between the lines and see that when service providers quote millions of customers as clients, they mean business customers and not just customers.
  • Geographically distributed data centres: Geographically distribution is a good way to see how prompt the cloud portal is poised to be. Having different data centres in different locations ensure that constant uptime is mandated in case unforeseen problem crop up in one place where the primary data centre could have been located.

In short, more the number of places in which centres are located, more diversified is the risk.

  • SLA terms and execution: SLA stands for service-level agreement terms and execution. They are important in establishing how a user’s data is processed and hosted. They also maintain protocols on setting a transparent level of service that the customer can expect from the cloud provider.
  • Security: Check for the cloud’s security permission and ensure that the cloud provider has an appropriate a security program in place which is well documented and meets all mandates.
  • Financial stability: It is important for users to resort to the cloud hosting provider which is in a profitable financial position. If the provider is new and is trying to set up a working business model and customer base, it will carry with itself a high degree of risk.
  • Robust encryption: Security is seen as the need of the hour for most cloud storage users given the kind of insider information most sites and portals deal with. Hence businesses should seek providers who offer personal key encryption.
    Personal key encryption would allow customers to set and manage own encryption keys. This gives them a lot security as then cloud providers cannot decrypt their files. Also a service provider who provides the facility of encrypting data while it is being uploaded and stored to the cloud system, would be a good fit for many businesses.
  • Third-party validation and accreditation: Check for the cloud software system’s periodic appraisal, assessment and accreditation system. This is necessary to verify the provider’s secure processing and hosting capabilities of customer data.

These handy tips, although not exhaustive, are bound to ensure users easy choice making when it comes to selecting a cloud service provider.

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