Why SSD is the Best Choice for WordPress Website

SSD hosting or solid state disk hosting is a new-age type of cloud hosting for users that makes use on non-volatile memory in a bid to store information. Hence when power is disconnected, data is not lost. Seek time, or the time needed to find user data on the drive, for SSDs is also lesser.

In terms of web hosting, this means faster data access for the server software, especially for modern data-driven sites that stand to generate hundreds of pages and database queries in seconds based on user inquiries.

This makes SSDs a very good choice for WordPress websites. SSDs offer a flexible, easy-to-use, and interactive interface for all users, replete with free themes and plugins.


When any user enters WordPress, he or she makes enquiries and clicks around the site, triggering database queries and content access simultaneously. Traditional web hosting used spinning hard disk drives or HDDs (a precursor to SSDs) which were slow in accessing information. This was because HDDs had the practice of storing information on rotating disks. An actuator arm had to physically move and rotate to read the information – a process that took sizeable amounts of time.

But with the invention and introduction of SSDs, data reading and data writing started occurring simultaneously and the total browsing time reduced, paving way for fast web browsing.

Also as a general logic, serving pages faster would increase overall site usability meaning more interaction with the audience, more page hits and views, and more also advertisement revenue in case the portal is being used for ad purposes.

SSDs are also much better an option for WordPress owing to the great deal of security and reliability that they bring along. HHDs are quite sensitive in nature and irreversible damage to user data can be caused due to poor handling or mishandling. Whereas with SSDs which have no mechanical and moving parts, depreciation is fairly minimal and they have less wear and tear.
This is again a useful feature that makes SSDs a far better option and apt choice for sites like WordPress.

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