Difference Between VPS and Dedicated Web Hosting

VPS hosting or Virtual Private Hosting server and Dedicated Web Hosting server are two common kinds of hosting platforms. Both have their own sets of features and limitations and only after careful consideration of both, should a consumer choose the kind of platform they want.

Some important differences between these two kinds of hosting (Web Hosting
) services are listed below:

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The most basic difference between a Virtual Private Hosting server (VPS) and Dedicated Web Hosting service (DHS) is the kind of treatment they offer their users.

In case of VPS, over all CPU time and memory is shared by all accounts on the machine, by simultaneously there are some specific resources are dedicated to each account.
In essence, a VPS is in the middle of a shared hosting service where all users use the same location and resources on the server and a DHS service where every user gets exclusive access to all resources.

They are ideal for people who want some flexibility and would want to optimize their infrastructure but not incur heavy costs.

On the other hand, in case of a DHS service, all users get access to all resources that are available on their computing machine. Users would not need to let other people share their account. Other users would also not be able to tap on to the DHS user’s resources.

The sheer flexibility that DHS services offer sets them apart and at a higher position than VPS services. VPS services are generally adequate and good for mid-sized businesses which are in the early development phase. One gets to use infinite number of websites, and there are not much of restrictions (as compared to shared hosting services), other than the usage of the server’s CPU time and memory.

But as the site grows and becomes more visited, it would dominate the server’s overall CPU time and memory, causing performance issues with other users on the same server because at the end of the day there is a sharing of resources. Also in cases, when the users are running an unoptimized script, it can stand to disrupt not only your site, but also affect the whole server, when out of control. This could perhaps lead to downtime for all the others users on the same server.
Hence switching over to a dedicated hosting service would be a natural progression as and when your site grows.

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