What to Look While Choosing the Shared Web Hosting Plan

Web hosting may be seen to be a complicated and overtly technical process, but in today’s times its prevalence cannot be ignored. In simple terms, it refers to the process of uploading and storing website files in global high-speed web servers located somewhere on the world wide web, making them available for everyone to view once they feed in your specific URL in the search bar.

HostingFew considerations that would help you choose the best web hosting service as per your needs are enlisted below:

  • Be aware of what specifications you need for your site. For instance is it a blog? What will be expected traffic volume? Does it need some special software version like PHP, or does it need an exclusive Windows application?
  • The cost and review of each web hosting service. Some may offer extremely high speed and connectivity but their price may not be affordable. Also review their charge plans.
  • Reliability of the server is an important consideration. You need a hosting service that is operational round the clock on a powerful server. General recommended uptime score should be upwards of 99.5%.
  • Keeping an eye on the future possibility of traffic growth to your website, one should consider choosing a web hosting service that has the potential to grow and be upgraded from being a shared hosting service to a private or dedicated server. That would offer more processing power, increase the memory capacity, offer higher disk storage, and better security features for your website.
  • It is also worth checking if the web hosting services offer the facility to own and host multiple domain names, and the associated cost of this facility.
  • Keep an eye on the sign up costs (first time one-time costs) and renewal costs of the websites. Also does the service offer any refund policy, in case the service is not what suits your requirements and you want to switch after the trial month is over? Cancellation charges (if any)?
  • In case you plan to set up a e-commerce portal, you have to pay extra attention if the server gives facilities like shopping cart software, or any other kind of technical support for processing payments and transactions.
  • An important thing also to be kept in mind is the ease-of-use associated with each hosting service. This would save a lot of time and also avoid unnecessary calls to the help centre for doubts, especially for new users.
  • One more very crucial thing to look for before signing up for a webhosting service is the site backup feature. So if the website gets hacked, the database crashes, or there is a hard disk failure, how efficient would the hosting provider in backing up all the information and content.
  • Also other considerations that one should keep in their checklist could be if there is a 24/7 live chat facility provided by the host, if there are some complicated sign up process with unreasonably long contract periods (just to entice people to sign in at a low rate), or even whether the given hosting service offers the facility to use an email with the own domain name.

This may not be an all-inclusive comprehensive checklist, but it covers more or less all the important things that one needs to consider before finalising on one web hosting plan or service.

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